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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on xx of October at xx:xx Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Terms of Use

1. Server Management
a. Server is being leaded by owners, game masters and forum moderators.
b. Owners are responsible for everything. Their vision is creating a fair, oldschool private server where Knight Online players can have fun without worrying about cheaters, corruption, overpowered donators.
c. Game Masters are responsible for controlling the game, and taking fair decisions against players. They have permission to access Game Master Control Panel, where they can take necessary actions.
d. Owners or Game Masters will not have characters ingame, however forum moderators can have characters and play with them.

2. Community
a. Everyone has the same rights in Knight Online World. We will never protect someone if they are not right.
b. Everyone is free to use our service.
c. Any kind of unfair attempt regarding players will be taken care by the owners as soon as you use our ticket system and inform us. The necessary action will be taken after we investigate the issue.

3. Donations and Donators
a. Any kind of donations will be compared as donation, and not an ingame item purchase.
b. Donations will be used for keeping the server alive, and purchasing the community friendly extra programs, such as Ventrilo server.
c. Donators can get a orange Donator tag as soon as they inform us with their forum account after their donation.
d. Any account found to be chargebacking donations will be banned permanently.
e. Donators does not get any extra abilities except having a Donator tag, and get access to Donator's Lounge.
f. The items you can obtain after your donations and their prices is listed in our Power Up Store.

4. Power Up Store and Reward System
a. The Power Up Store is a store where donators, or the advertisers can purchase ingame items with their donation points.
b. Power Up Store (PUS) can be found in our panel and requires you to be logged in to be accessed.
c. There will not be any uber-gear in our Power Up Store which may affect the gameplay.
d. Free2Play players can purchase items from Power Up Store with their Reward Points, which they will gain when they advertise for our server via our website. (Detailed information can be found in server information page.)

5. Cheaters
a. Any account which is disobeying server rules will get a punishment.
b. Detailed information about Issues, strikes and punishments can be found in our website.
c. In order to view banned players and see their ban reason, please check Banned Users page in our KO Panel.

6. Privacy
a. Any information regarding your accounts and your contact information will not be shared with 3rd persons, who are not involved with Knight Online World management team, or support staff.
b. Your information is stored in database with password protection and encryption.
c. Your IP address will be saved without your knowledge when you use our KO Panel features for security purposes.

8. Agreement
a. Every user will be compared as they have readed and accepted our Terms of Use with no excuses.
b. If you disagree to our Terms of Use, you may uninstall our client, or may not play.
c. Knight Online World Administration possess right to change Terms of Use anytime by announcing it.

Experience Rates & Level Cap

Experience rates are x10 of usko experience rates, and the level cap is 70.

Drop List

We are using original myko database. Therefore, the drops are correct on every single monster. We edited drop rates ourself by checking player necessities. To be short, droprates are a bit higher than the usko droprates. You will get geared as long as you farm high level monsters with your friends. Also, every monster contain drops, so you can farm whereever you like.
To get detailed information, please click here.

Anvil Rates

Plus 1 Success Rate: 100%
Plus 2 Success Rate: 100%
Plus 3 Success Rate: 100%
Plus 4 Success Rate: 75%
Plus 5 Success Rate: 65%
Plus 6 Success Rate: 55%
Plus 7 Success Rate: 25%
Plus 8 Success Rate: 5%
Plus 9 Success Rate: Not possible. (Soon to be opened.)
Plus 10 Success Rate: Not possible.

In addition, accessories can be compounded to +3 with 100% rate.

Additional Information

Client Information
We took the necessary security steps to prevent cheating ingame like encrytpion of TBL files in our client. We replaced ingame screens and ingame sounds with better ones to give you a better playing experience. Also, we tried to keep our client size small for easy downloads, and removed the false virus alerts. (Some antivirusses still see it as a virus because of the packex exe.)

Database Information
Our database is original myko database, which means everything, such as skills, drops, rates and anything you can think about is a copy of original database. We have been developing this database for a while, and we enabled lots of user-friendly functions, such as fixing and replacing procedures with better and more secure ones, encrypting user passwords so your passwords will be kept safe, beginners clan for newbie users to get information about the server as soon as they log in, self created events and monsters, and much more!

Server Files Information
We replaced our server files with a better one. Our server is compatiple with Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems. Server is secured against all the possible exploits which leads to crash. All king of cheating, or even cheat attempts are being monitored 7/24 with the 3rd party tools.

Other Informations
1. Owners, or Game Masters cannot get ingame characters to prevent corruption.
2. Game Master's boss summon codes, 30k R hits has been changed to prevent corruption even more.
3. We do not sell items which may effect the economy badly in our Power Up Store to make a fair server between donators and non-donators.
4. Donators does not get any advantages except having a donator tag in our forums, getting access to Donator's Lounge.
5. We took necessary security steps in our Dedicated Server to prevent attacks, which may lead to lag.
6. We have our self coded functions in our KO Panel, as well as Reward System, MyKol, and Power Up Store.
7. Our panel is caching the information which doesn't need to be reloaded, so our KO Panel loads faster and doesn't lag your computer while entering.
8. We are logging all information of players, such as their IP Address, registration country (to change KO Panel language automatically into their language) and more.

9. We have a fully functional Power Up Store, where you can get Knight Cash instantly after making your PayPal donation.
There are many user-friendly things in Knight Online World, be sure to check them out ingame!